Welcome to Ambleton

Welcome to the community of Ambleton!  We sincerely hope you enjoy your new home and your new community for many years to come.

What is Ambleton Owners Association?

Ambleton Owners Association (AOA) has been established to preserve the long-term value of the community while enhancing the overall community experience. Your AOA is responsible for the care, maintenance, and development of certain features in your community. This will include enhanced maintenance, ongoing communication to the membership, and organized community-based events.

AOA will also provide financial and administrative services, including annual notices and the collection of fees from its members. These fees are necessary to fund the ongoing operation of the Association, enhanced maintenance, events, and other activities deemed necessary by the Association to ensure its long-term sustainability. The Association is currently governed and supported financially by the developer, Qualico Communities Calgary. 


Registered under the Not-For-Profit Corporations Act, AOA is governed by Bylaws and a Board of Directors who meet quarterly, ensuring transparency and accountability to the membership. The Developer will manage AOA until the operations of AOA is turned over to the members of AOA. Membership and other matters relating to AOA are more fully described in the Bylaws of AOA. Resident members are encouraged to become Board members of the Association to help shape the community’s future. Anyone interested in becoming a Board member should contact admin@ambletonoa.com.

Membership Obligations

Each titled property within the community of Ambleton is required to contribute to ongoing maintenance and care of the community through the annual AOA fee. The Annual Rent Charge Encumbrance is registered on the title of each single family and multi-family lot, commercial and retail lots, in favour of AOA securing the annual fee for the Association. Membership in AOA is mandatory.

Welcome to Ambleton

The Calgary Board of Education (CBE) has announced the designated schools for Ambleton

  • Elementary – Hidden Valley School – 10959 Hidden Valley Drive NW
  • Junior High – Valley Creek School – 10951 Valley Drive NW
  • High School – Crescent Heights – 10191 1st Street NW

General information regarding transportation services, fees, and walk zones are available on the CBE website www.cbe.ab.ca

Calgary Catholic School Division Designations

  • Elementary – St Bede 333 Bermuda Dr NW
  • Junior High – St Helena 320 64 Ave NW
  • High School – Notre Dame 11900 Country Village Link

More information can be found at https://www.cssd.ab.ca/


Please explore this website for more information about your OA. If you have specific questions or require login information, please visit the Contact Us page and we will be happy to reply.

Thank you!